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About Us

We enjoy helping people preserve their legacy. We hope you and your future generations find joy each and every day as you enhance your home or office with your beautiful piece of art created by Framed Legacy. Our hope is that you not only enjoy the beautiful art but the story and feelings associated with your art will inspire you to be a little better each day.

Framed Legacy takes pride in preserving your legacy with beautiful artwork, ranging from old personal photos to places of worship to your favorite sports legacy and many more. We practice old world craftsmanship in our state of the art facility. We use only the finest timber and materials. Each frame is uniquely hand burnished and rubbed.

In addition to the beautiful heirloom piece of art you can preserve the story and the memories for future generations. Mounted on the back of the picture, in your own words inscribed on a beautiful certificate will be those memories and feelings preserved for generations to come. Click on examples below to read some of the great memories that have now been preserved.

Warmest Regards,
Brett Hatfield Dale Wilson